16 February 2011

UN warns that Egypt's population is set to triple to 290m
The National - United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
If the average Egyptian woman continues having 2.9 children, the population will grow from 84.5m last year to 291m in 2100. If Yemen's fertility rate remains stable at 5.3, a resource-poor nation could witness 18-fold growth from 24.3 million last year to 434 million people at the end of the century. "Egypt has seen a decline in fertility but still has a moderately high fertility rate," said Hania Zlotnik, the director of the UN Population Division, which compiled the 30-page report. "If Egypt does not continue to reduce fertility rates, they will have a huge problem because it is the most populous country in that region, with economic problems and questions about feeding, educating and finding jobs for its population." ,…(16 February 2011)

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