21 September 2011

PH faces population ageing by the end of the century, UN data shows
Business World Online - Philippines
The country’s population is projected to balloon to nearly 155 million by 2050, but declining fertility rates will likely lead to population ageing by the end of the century, latest estimates by the United Nations (UN) showed. There will be about 154.9 million Filipinos by 2050, up 66% from last year’s estimate of 93.3 million, according to the 2010 revision of the World Population Prospects prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. This is based on a “medium” projection. (...) The UN Population Division’s “low” projection, however, indicates that population could peak to 135.5 million by as early as 2060, declining to 133.2 million by 2070. In this scenario, the fertility rate is just 1.45 children per woman, declining to 1.35 by 2100 when the population drops further to 107.9 million. ,…(21 September 2011)

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