02 May 2012

Why you should take notice of the retirement phenomenon
Philippine Daily Inquirer - Philippines
Elderly spending, particularly on the property sector, has been on the rise, fueled mostly by maturing life savings and retirement benefits. But the retirement demographic doesn’t even involve merely the elderly. There have been also younger individuals who plan to retire soon and invest in properties at the same time. These retirees, whether of “retirable age” or still in the peak of their productive years, are meticulously choosing the places they want to settle into and invest in. This is most evident among the first and second generation of Filipino-American professionals or active retirees who have decided to come home to the Philippines for good. It is a phenomenon, however, that is not exclusive to the Philippines. The over-60 population worldwide is expected to triple by 2050, according to projections by the United Nations Population Division.…(27 April 2012)

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