24 May 2011

Hania Zlotnik on newest UN population numbers
EarthSky - US
According to figures released by the United Nations in May of 2011, Earth’s human population will cross the seven billion mark on October 31 of this year. EarthSky spoke to U.N. Population Division Director Hania Zlotnik. (...) She said that, according to the latest U.N. projections, Earth’s population will hit 9.3 billion in the year 2050 – and 10.1 billion in the year 2100. She explained that most of the growth is expected to occur in developing countries. (...) The U.N.’s population projections highlight an urgent need for effective family planning in the developing world, said Zlotnik. If population in developing countries rises at faster rates than projected, she said, the world could have more like 16 billion people by the end of the 21st century. …(25 May 2011)

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